OIL SILIC can really demonstrate its worth in countless ways.

OIL SILIC is a dry multi-use lubricant created to offer the very best “performance” in domestic, industrial and automobile settings.
OIL SILIC is completely waterproof and anti-static.
It is recommended to preserve all starters and electrical systems, restoring them to full working order, for link rods and, naturally, to eliminate all of those annoying squeaks that afflict car doors and a host of other places.
OIL SILIC is perfect in any setting and melts away all types of grease and tar, acting instantly to form a waterproof barrier against water and any other type of external agents, corrosive or otherwise, besides lubricating the parts treated without oiliness.
OIL SILIC is colourless, eliminating the risk of staining or halos.

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